Your Ultimate Guide To Punjabi Juttis

Your Ultimate Guide To Punjabi Juttis

Punjabi jutti, as the name suggests, has its origins in the mighty land of Punjab where it is worn and loved by one and all! These juttis have lasted the test of time— from being adorned by the beauties of the yesteryears to now being worn by all the pretty ladies across the country, the love for this beautiful pair of footwear has trickled down to various parts of the country (and world)! While they are commonly known as juttis, they also go by the names of Jooti, Khussa and Mojari.


The Royal History Of The Punjabi Jutti

Punjabi juttis have been an object of desire and obsession for many in ancient times as only the wealthiest of royal kings and queens could be seen wearing them. From minimal patterned daily wear juttis to the more flamboyant embroidered/beaded ones, only the best Punjabi juttis have been a part of occasions in the royal darbars! Over the years, they have been adapted to the trends, patterns and styles of the 21st century and can be seen adored by women from every walk of life!


101 To Wearing a Punjabi Jutti

One of the highlights of a Punjabi jutti is that it doesn’t come in a left or right pair. Both juttis are made of the same shape and size and once you wear them, they take the shape of your respective feet to provide maximum comfort. Isn’t that cool?

Simply remember to oil your leather juttis a day or two in advance before you wear them. It will make them soft and comfortable to step into!

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When Can You Wear a Punjabi Jutti?

The uses of a Punjabi jutti are almost infinite. From western to Indian to full-on bridal wear, these juttis can be made for any and every occasion!

Western wear: Mojari juttis are known for their simple leather designs. These minimalistic juttis will pair perfectly with say a white button-down shirt and jeans, maybe a feminine top or even a cute sundress!

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Everyday kurtas: Your comfortable and trusted kurta-churidaars demand a footwear just as comfortable as them. Enter Punjabi juttis! Available in more colors and patterns than you can imagine, these juttis go perfectly well with your everyday kurta!

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Bridal wear: Wedding festivities are glam, happy and full of life. They are also tiring and crazy. Opting for a heavy embellished punjabi jutti in ornate patterns, ostentatious designs and glam themes is a sure way to get those heads turning!

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