Punjabi Jutti with Clutch Combo


    HazelThread: Bespoke artisanal craftsmanship

    Traditional but for the women of the modern age- we breathe this mantra and consciously make an effort to inculcate this vision into our products. The punjabi juttis, clutches, and purses- everything at HazelThread is handcrafted by the artisans working their magic in intricate detailing for decades. 

    Through extensive brainstorming and idea sourcing, we brew fresh ideas for our collection at HazelThread. Our expert artisans weave their magic on the canvas of fabric to bring you the ultimate pieces of timeless heirloom. From ideas and Pinterest boards to reality, every piece is a work of craftsmanship that’s meant to take a timeless place in your wardrobes. 

    Immerse yourself in the tales of traditional handicraft and craftsmanship as you build for yourself a timeless style.  

    We want to cater to the larger market segment by not limiting our collection to traditional accessorizing. And that’s how perfect our diverse and Jutti for women is. 

    Juttis and clutches: Perfecting your traditional look

    Styling the traditional outfits is indeed not an easy task. Be it the colors, embroidery, concept, or style- your overall style looks compromised when one or the other element of your look doesn’t complement the other. Well, we aren’t any style experts but we sure can make some tasks easier for you.

    Our curated collection of punjabi jutti with clutch combo is perfect for traditional and royal outfits that need just the right level of oomph to make a perfect style. We also have potlis that look extremely chic with the traditional and contemporary styles. 

    From bright gold to red, some pastels and black- our combo collection is extremely limited but versatile. The intricate embroidery and detailing on these accessories are meant to complement varying styles making it a versatile and staple pick for traditional Indian fashion. 

    Want to customize jutti and clutch for your special outfit? Give us your design and we will turn your ideas into a high-quality finest product. 

    Explore the collection now.