The Ultimate Jutti Affair


The traditional juttis that were limited to royals have now become the staple of women's wardrobes for their utmost sophistication, comfort, and style. HazelThread brings together the most exquisite collection of juttis harboring traditional, ethnic, contemporary, and modern styles. 

Handcrafted by the finest Indian artisans, juttis sold by us will gently take care of your soles while they dance a happy song living your life. Our commitment of exquisite quality reflects in each pair of our jutti that’s soldiered up to take care of your feet. 

Explore our bespoke artisan collection of juttis featuring curated designs for all sorts of fashion. Immerse yourself in the artistic craftsmanship of our footwear that’s sure to take a vintage spot in your wardrobe. 

Timeless staples

From tan classic browns to leather juttis- revamp your footwear collection with classic comfy staples. Our staples are perfect for everyday wear and can be effortlessly paired with your modern, contemporary, and bohemian look. 

Embellished, solid, as well as embroidered- we have a range of options for you to make a choice. 

Slip effortlessly into our comfiest juttis whether you are headed for a grocery run, brunch date or an evening stroll on a vacation. 

Traditional Punjabi Juttis

Level up your traditional style with a jutti and a clutch that’s as stylish and trendy as your outfit. 

The extensive jutti collection of jutti at HazelThread is perfect for festive days when the heels aren’t your best friends. Why go through the heck of pain when you can make the style effortless and comfortable. 

Crafted from the finest of materials, we take utmost care in designing the soles of our juttis for women. Not only are they meant to resist the wear and tear, it will cocoon your feet in a soft feathery feel, keeping your feet happy and pain-free. 

Adore the details of handcrafted embroidery in the finest juttis by adding some statement footwear to your wardrobe. Time to add some royal Punjabi juttis to your royal wardrobe. 

Looking for a jutti to style with your bridal outfit? Explore our bridal jutti collection

Pastel Juttis

The peaches, the pinks, the lilacs, and the lime- level up your footwear game with pastel juttis for your sophisticated style. We love the pastel shades and so does the fashion police- after all, it’s delicate, soft, and perfect. 

Couldn’t find something you need? Customize your jutti in your desired pastel color and style with us at HazelThread. 

Brogue Juttis

Amalgamating the two classic styles, brogues and jutti- our brogue juttis are what you need for your everyday fashionable style. Brogues are the ultimate definition of comfort screaming luxury and style with its mere appeal. 

Slip into the comfiest brogue juttis as a way to complement your desi denim looks and everyday western styles. 

Designer traditional juttis

The designs you find at HazelThread are the reflection of talent, artistry, craftsmanship, hard work, and the harbor of love. Emerging from the northern regions of India, we bring you the collection of jutti as beautiful as your inherent style.